CORPORATE CULTURE Honesty, benevolence, virtue and perfection

Corporate purposes 

Create life and make it better is foundation of grown-up,Find your empressements and see yourself as you are is a ladder to become a saint。 

Product concept 

Chinese nation cultivated so many wiseman from the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors to the Hundred Schools of Thought’s period,it was a period of wealth and prosperity。But after the Qin and Han dynasty,this kind of human became less and less。Chengren education keep a foothold on chinese ancient traditional culture ,in an attempt to recover theway of breed and cultivatethe traditional chinese talents。

Talent Concept 

As long as you are a talent,You will definitely be appointed。And if You have morality,You will definitely be reused。Sage will be high class,capable man will be middle-level,and mediocre people will leave。 

Management philosophy

One yin and one yang is called the Taoism。When yin come to the end。yang is born,and when yang come to the end, yin is born。Balance yin and yang,and find their location。 

Service philosophy

Professional、focus、adhere to the principle、 treat others with integrity

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