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The law of the universe is sincere and reasonable Humanitarianism based on the kernel of kindheartednessThe chengren means,“cut-through nature and man make you be a human of genius”。Chengren Education Consulting Co. Ltdis based on China and facing Globalbased on the kernel of ZHOUYIs ideologyharmony between the heaven and humanmix onfucian buddhism and Taoism together and in combination with the doctor of traditional chinese medicine and modern science, to cultivate a gentlemanachievement sageInherit the Chinese civilization and create a century of glory


Chengren Education Consulting Co. Ltd is a education institution with the mission of "inheriting and developing excellent Chinese traditional culture and cultivating talents for a powerful country in the new era" and the purpose of carrying forward and practicing the essence of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and Yiresponsible, and distinctive professional institutions of Chinese studies and cultural communication.

Beijing Chengren Education actively explores the core values of China's 5,000-year-old civilization, goes to its dregs, takes its essence, comprehensively combs and promotes the essence of authentic Chinese traditional culture, and expands the practical application of Zhouyi wisdom with the integration of nature and man. Through the three departments of Mingxin Academy, Chinese Talent Training and TCM Health Services, we provide a series of national education, talent creation and healthy growth services to the public, and strive to create a scientific, practical and healthy platform for Chinese education. Analyze and practice the essence of Chinese culture in a way that is in harmony with science and humanities, and achieve creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional culture.


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